We Install Automatic Door Systems In San Mateo, Vacaville & San Francisco, CA

Automatic Doors

Automatic Door Systems In San Mateo, Vacaville & San Francisco, Ca

Automatic door systems run the entire gamut from state-of-the-art sliding entryways, to swinging and folding doors with adjustable opening and closing time-lapse functions. Energy efficient revolving doors are designed for utility and visual appeal, with a primary purpose of controlling busy commercial pedestrian traffic. Specialized healthcare institution automatic entrance systems are customized to accommodate the width of a hospital bed, or safeguard against air-borne infection. Each Shell Door Service, Inc. door and access system can also be equipped with a variety of security features and specialty sensors according to requirement.

Certified Automatic Door Installation In San Mateo, Vacaville & San Francisco, CA

Shell Door Service, Inc. is a certified distributor of ADA compliant automatic entrance systems that include:

Automatic Doors
Automatic Doors

Door Comfort In San Mateo, Vacaville & San Francisco, CA

Knowledgeable on the various applications where automatic door systems are essential – from healthcare institutions to commercial shopping centers – Shell Door Service, Inc. offers first-rate automated entry system options that can be adapted to each organization, including unit heights up to 16ft., multiple panel designs, and numerous framework, finish and style selections. As a reliable and recognized distributor, Shell Door Service, Inc. installs automatic doors to suit the diverse requirements of a wide range of industries. With minimal interruption to the regular functioning of your organization, our specially trained technicians provide prompt installation service and 24 hour emergency repair in the local Alameda area.

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